Good Day To All: John D Meredith RLA here again. I recently attended the Wisconsin ASLA conference as part of my professional license requirements. One of the landscape architectural sessions include a topic on liability which got me thinking about the “Choosing a Door County Landscaper blog.

As a licensed landscape architect, I am bound by certain State of Wisconsin laws and regulations. Along with my professional practice insurance, these regulations are there to protect the consumer by holding the landscape architect responsible for the product he/she produces. This an important point because professional groups such as the ASLA, AIA, etc have codes of conduct but no real consumer protection,  great organizations but you do not necessarily need a State license to belong. Along with that example is the landscape organization PLANET. PLANET, which I am also a member, has a certification process for owners and employees but you do not need to be State Licensed or PLANET certified to belong.

In my opinion, if there are no real consequences what good is a membership or certification to the consumer? I have chosen a path in the landscape industry that includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture, office and field experience, State Registration and continuing education.

So you, as a consumer, have to decide on your Door County landscape investment choice. Do you choose an educated, experienced, licensed, Door County based landscape architect or do you chose a “landscaper”; one who might not be around next year, one who got started mowing lawns on the weekend and then went full-time after being laid-off, or one who is relying on YOUR homeowner’s insurance when things go wrong.

I am passionate about proper landscape design and installation in Door County. Too often do I hear “I wish I would have called you first” or “I have a problem with my landscape and the guy I hired won’t return my calls”. I want to work with the residents and visitors of Door County and make there landscape experience a great one.

Be Well.