LAKESHORES landscape & design inc. is built on design. The design style is my own and as long as I can maintain the goals of LAKESHORES I will resist adding design staff. “Cookie Cutter Design” is not an option at LAKESHORES. I am constantly improving my design skills and design palette through the use of seminars, trade resources, my own staffs innovations and sheer experimentation. There is no substitute for proper planning no matter the circumstances and there is no substitute for exploring multiple design options in order to achieve the greatest results. I believe my clients want a personalized experience. I believe something is lost when there is a sales staff and a design staff and a supervisory staff and finally a production staff. I work on every aspect of a project, from concept to completion. My clients know me and I know them. They have a consistent contact throughout the entire process, a person who can make the decisions without layers of staff pointing fingers. I have come to rely heavily on my staff’s ability to understand the feeling of a project and to incorporate that feeling into the project.

LAKESHORES is a complete landscape service company serving residential, commercial, municipal, public and private properties. From concept to design. From installation to maintenance. LAKESHORES is there every step of the way. Helping you to create a one of a kind landscape identity that fits you and your lifestyle, while adding to the value of your home and the quality of your life.

We provide a full range of landscape services. Professionally generated computer landscape design. Landscape installation by seasoned landscape professionals. Cleanups and maintenance by well educated maintenance personnel.

At LAKESHORES we take pride in our work and it shows. From the use of quality materials to proper installation techniques, to our attention to detail. You’ll be satisfied knowing that we truly care about your job as if it was our own. Most of our landscape professionals have over 10 years experience each.