Good day to all! As the season gets started here in beautiful Door County, I am constantly striving to improve LAKESHORES services and customer satisfaction. To do this I review other Door County landscape companies to see what they have to offer. I believe this keeps me aware of my competition both by visiting their websites and listening to my potential clients and their experiences.

I would note that there are a few Door County landscape companies that I highly respect for design and commitment to the environment but there are many that I struggle to see why they are still in business. That may seem harsh but I have taken the time to obtain a degree, maintain a State of Wisconsin landscape architectural license, invest in continuing education for myself and my staff, keep myself abreast of the environmental and landscape construction laws for the State of Wisconsin, Door County and Federal and keep myself informed about the new plants and products available. All of this effort feeds my passion for landscaping, so when I review websites that show poor construction, poor design, illegal practices and site liabilities it tends to ruffle my feathers.

I am very proud of the landscape offerings that LAKESHORES has. Business wise, some operations are not as profitable as others but in order to claim a certain level of  the “full service” label, I believe you actually have to offer full service. One example, A client had contacted a company “specializing” in native plant communities. This company proposed planting the prairie but not providing the long term service required to maintain this particular ecosystem. Intelligent design they say, but really it is business interest before the client need. LAKESHORES is the complete Door County landscape company because it sees its project as a long term investment, not a short term gain.

I invite all my prospective clients to look at what other Door County landscapers are doing but really look. Compare the flagstone patio craftsmanship, look at the wall construction, look at bench details, look at some of the dangers that were created, look at the consistency of the stair heights, and even look at some of the stock photos that are being passed off as their own ( I do not believe Door County can support palm trees yet).

Thank you for reading and remember to really look at what your Door County landscape company is trying to sell you.

Be Well

John D Meredith RLA, ASLA