Mission Statement

Our mission:To educate the public on the science and art of landscape architecture. Only through education can informed decisions be made concerning the natural and cultural environment. Knowledge gained through our continued education and years of experience provide foresight and reliable information. Creativity, innovation and quality craftsmanship builds an educated & trusting relationship.

Our Motto:

Every home is unique just as every person is unique. We at LAKESHORES understand this and want to help you create the unique landscape that fits both you and your home. Bringing the essential elements for your recreation and enjoyment. That is why at LAKESHORES or motto is “Identity created through landscapes” We feel each landscape we do identifies a home or business and sets it apart from another.Let LAKESHORES create a unique and beautiful identity for your property.

Our Goals:

Meet the needs of clients without jeopardizing ecological & design principals. Employ nature friendly landscape practices, follow established environmental laws and implement design principals based on project needs. Maintain high quality standards regarding construction techniques and materials used. Instill confidence in our clients that their investment will meet or exceed expectations & value beyond our initial commitment.