Paver Installation

LAKESHORES designs and installs hard-surfaces of pavers and brick.

What is the difference?

Brick are composed of clay. Clay is a natural material that retains its color over the years and conveys a more traditional approach to an outdoor space. Bricks very slightly in their uniformity creating more diversity in the texture of a walk or patio. This requires a little more skill and time to install compared to pavers.

Pavers are composed of concrete and come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Fading of the color does occur but is not very noticeable. Pavers are vary uniform and are almost exact replicas of each other. This allows for slightly faster installation over brick.

Both brick and pavers are relatively easy to install; it is the preparation and the detailing that sets LAKESHORES apart from the others. Incorporating the right type, style, color and size turns a simple patio,walk or drive into a functional artistic feature of your outdoor living space. Pattern styles vary greatly. A paver or brick walk set in the right pattern can help to guide foot traffic through a space.

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