Pillar Construction

Pillars serve a variety of functions. They can mark entrances, provide guide points, provide light, incorporate a sign, mask utilities and provide a point of interest. Whether they are sort or tall, big or small, round or square, a pillar can be built most anywhere. The size, style and construction materials are all carefully chosen when LAKESHORES designs a pillar. That way we can create a unique and one of a kind pillar to complement your landscape.

Signs can be attached to a pillar or etched into its surface. The sign can be a company or family name, address, logo or family crest. The possibilities are endless. Pillars can also be fitted with exterior or interior lighting to help showcase it at night or to help guide visitors. As with all hardscapes, correct base installation is critical in the construction of any pillar. Our craftsmen have created many pillars and signs that are sure to catch your eye.


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