Plant Installation


LAKESHORES currently stocks and has access to a wide variety of zone hardy plant material both native and exotic. Planting design is definitely a personal undertaking; it reflects who you are and what you want in life. Whether you are a gardener at heart or not a planting design can be tailored to you needs and abilities.


Lawns are a small but often necessary part of Door County landscaping. I typically use lawn to transition from one space to another or as a social space. I do not use lawn just to fill space. Utilizing a variety of grass seed blends you can be assured that the lawn we install for you will grow. Care-free or no-mow fescue blends create lawn area that is durable and easy to maintain. By incorporating LAKESHORES lawn maintenance practices you can be sure your lawn will thrive not just survive.


  • Tree installation
  • Rain Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Woodland Plantings
  • Wetland plantings
  • Prairie restoration
  • Beach restoration
  • Use of native and exotic plant material
  • Lawns and lawn alternatives

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