Water Features

LAKESHORES can create a custom built water feature for your property. Water features can attract wildlife, provide interest, produce sound and motion, create a focal point and can even induce a feeling of tranquility. They can be functional as well as visually pleasing when designed to collect rain water, address drainage issues, filter run-off water, create a water recreation space or provide water for wildlife drinking and bathing.

LAKESHORES creates water features by designing them to the individual and their property, not from a standard kit. BEWARE the kit!!! Prepackaged kits are everywhere and though the components are excellent to construct a water feature, the attempts at designing a water feature are extremely limited by the individual. The promoted goals are sales and not design.


  • Ponds
  • Steams
  • Waterfalls
  • Bog systems
  • Bubbling Stones
  • Bird Baths

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